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Design your shirts: Design your shirts using your favorite graphic design software. The designs can have as many colors and effects as you want, including gradients. Ensure you design your shirts in a high resolution with high quality so they will look good when increased to the size of a t-shirt for printing. Each design should have a name and a short description with it.
For each shirt you should create the design on in its own file, then have a separate file where you show the placement and size of the design when on a t-shirt so we know where you would like the design to appear and how big it should be. Currently the maximum size the designs can be created is equivalent to the size of an A4 piece of paper. Sign out artwork protection agreement and send us your designs: Our artwork protection agreement protects your designs when they are sent to us. It is a legal contract that ensures we will not steal your designs, or use them for any other purposes than selling t-shirts. It also ensures you will make 40% profit from each t-shirt sold. It also states that at no time will we ever ask you to pay any fees.

After this you can freely send us your designs. Each design should be sent in a photoshop file along with a description for the t-shirt and the price you wish to sell the t-shirt for. The minimum price to sell each shirt is 48RMB to adequately cover the costs of production. Your designs will be reviewed by our panel of judges. If we feel they will be successful t-shirts we will approve them and begin the creation process.
Let us create and sell your shirts, while giving you 40% of the profits! After sending us your designs we will do all the work! We will add your designs to our taobao store to show the world. If you send us 5 or more designs you will have an entire taobao page dedicated to just your artwork. When someone buys your design they will be created and shipped out to them. Next a notification will be sent to you and 40% of the profit from the shirt will be sent to you via Paypal.
Try out your designs on a t-shirt In order to help you see how your designs will look on a blank white t-shirt and to help us in deciding whether to accept your designs you may optionally place them onto a blank t-shirt before sending. You can download it here. (right click and choose save target as)

Q: What is the return policy for your t-shirts? A: All tees can be returned within 30 days of receival for a no questions asked refund, minus the costs of shipping. Q: How does the shipping work? A: We ship to many destinations around the world from China and have 3 shipping options: NoTrackFast, TrackSlow, and TrackFast. The NoTrackFast method is cheapest and the t-shirt is sent in a large envelope as regular mail is sent and thus cannot be tracked. It will take approximently 20 days to arrive. The TrackSlow method is shipped in a small box and can be tracked. This shipping methods usually takes 4-6 weeks. Finally the TrackFast shipping method takes 2 weeks and can be tracked. No matter which shipping method you choose, each additional item you had to your cart only increases the shipping price by $1.
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Q: What material are the shirts made out of? A: We pride ourselves on the quality of our tees. All of our shirts are made from 100% cotton, feel good, and have a tightly woven high quality thread. Q: Can I submit new T-Shirt ideas? A: Yes you can! Head to our contact us page and let us know your idea. If we use it we will be sure to send you a free shirt containing your idea! Q: Can I make money by sending in T-Shirt Designs? A: Yes you can! To be approved you must send us at least 5 designs that meet our quality standards. From there we will open a new store page for you and you can begin making 40% of the profit from each shirt we sell containing your designs. Head over to our design page to learn more!
Q: How can I ensure I pick the right size of tee? A: The sizing chart can be viewed on the T-Shirt viewing page above the price or on our taobao page before purchase. Q: Will the T-Shirts shrink? A: Our tees match the american t-shirt standard when it comes to shrinkage, usually resulting in little to no shrinking after washing and drying.
Custom T Shirt
Vision of T-Shirt Design World Here at T-Shirt Design World, we have an important vision, and that is one of a sustainable future for the planet and all of its inhabitants. We call this: Sustainable Design World. We recognize that this is one of the most important times in human history, and we as a species are faced with our toughest challenges yet. Our way of life as we know it is threatened in a multitude of ways. We face the continuing destruction of the planet, the ever growing climate changes, the depletion of clean water access and arable soil, the ever growing buildup of pollution and waste, and perhaps most unsettling of all, the depletion of the core resource in which our economy is built: oil.

A Living Planet report warns that by the year 2030 we will need the resources of 2 earths in order to survive. We at T-Shirt Design World view the world as a single organism and each of our nations and even ourselves as individual components of a greater whole that must work together in order to survive and flourish. With this in mind we wish to help move the world in more sustainable ways through various projects in the future.

While we at T-Shirt Design World are a brand new startup company, and not yet ready to support this on a large scale, we recognize the fact that everyone has to start somewhere, and even a tiny step towards sustainability is one worth taking. In the future our goals are to donate significant portions of our profits to help sustainability causes in each of the countries our designers represent from around the world, and to take part in other sustainable design world projects. However, until we reach that point we will humbly be sending 5% of our profits at the end of each month to the Open Source Ecology Project. The Open Source Ecology project is working towards creating the ‘Global Village Construction Set’ a set of 40 different machines that it takes to create a small sustainable civilization. You can watch a video about the project here:

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T-shirt Pricing Quote Let our Artists Design T-shirts for You! T Shirt Designs, based in Tampa, Florida can design t-shirts to fit your needs. We produce the same quality custom T-Shirt designs to Tampa Bay Area customers that we bring to our Million Dollar National Corporate Accounts. Whether you’re a baseball coach, Second Grade Teacher, or Store owner, T Shirt Designs is a capable custom house with artists and printers ready to bring your ideas and creativity to life.
Great Custom T-Shirt Art T Shirt Designs brings the same quality Custom T-Shirt Art to Tampa Bay Area customers that we bring to our Million Dollar National Corporate Accounts. Whether you’re a Fifth Grade Teacher, Soccer Coach, or Beachfront Storeowner, T Shirt Designs is a capable custom house with Artists and Printers ready to bring your ideas and creativity to life. The T Shirt Custom Screen Print Process A Simple and Easy Approval Process From start to finish, the Custom Art process is simple and painless. Describe what you want to our Customer Service agents or send art files. We work with your ideas and send you back a comp within a business day. We work with you to ensure that our artwork meets your vision so there are no surprises anywhere in the process. Our artists will draw, paint, and design your perfect artwork with you directing their creativity all the way. And once your artwork is exactly the way you want it, we’ll bring it to life on fabric. Custom T-Shirt Printing – Your Perfect Design When it comes to printing, T Shirt Designs is one of Tampa’s best Custom Screenprinters. Once your artwork is approved, we start the technical side of printing your shirts and bringing your image to life. We work primarily on T-Shirts, but we aren’t limited to only that. We have printed on Polos, Aprons, Hoodies, Muscle Tees, Tanks, Halter Tops, Jackets, Pants, Sweats, Towels, Bags, and much more. Check out our products page for some examples of everything we can create for you.

Custom t-shirts can be a great choice for businesses or organizations to advertise their services. T-shirts can be customized with just about any design concept, making them an awesome tool to promote the products, solutions or services desired. Just about any type of business or group can greatly benefit from custom designed t-shirts, including the following types : Organizations Schools and clubs can wear custom-made t-shirts to help out their members and students recognize one another . They are good to wear at fundraising events, and many church groups find them advantageous as well. Businesses
Businesses will make the most of wearing a custom tshirt design because it allows them to boost their brand awareness . The design may also be used to successfully communicate messages , and it can function as an outstanding form of mobile advertisement. Party Planners A custom t-shirt is an excellent way to honor a special event. Sports Teams By wearing a custom tshirt design , sporting teams can display their team memberships. Many sporting teams will elect to display their sponsors on the t-shirts , making the t-shirts a powerful way to get sponsors as well. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee We pride ourselves on our great Customer Service, and we will always go the extra mile to make sure your product is done right, easy and on time, every time. If there’s a problem with your order, we will do everything we can to make it right for you and ensure that you are happy with the experience of working with us. We will never knowingly let you down, and we will never let you walk away unhappy. At T Shirt Designs, customers like you drive our business! We have the artistic talent–you have the vision. Let’s work together to bring your ideas to life on fabric!

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